6 Tips to Sell A Distressed Property In Tucson

Selling a distressed property doesn’t have to be traumatic. Educate yourself about how to sell your distressed Tucson home in our latest post!

You might be thinking that selling a distressed property is difficult and time-consuming. In some cases, it is! But, with our top 6 professional tips for selling a distressed property, you will be able to sell quickly and for a fair price. Keep ready to learn more about how to sell your distressed house in Tucson!

Avoid Agents

Selling your distressed property to a professional buyer such as Ugly-Man Buys Houses will save you time and money. Listing your Tucson house can be expensive, not to mention it may take a long time to sell. By selling it directly, you can have your closing date as soon as 5 days while avoiding expensive commissions an agent will charge you.

Make the Distressed Property Appealing

If your property needs major repairs or is going into foreclosure, you will probably want to sell it fast. Taking some small measures to make it visually appealing will help buyers see it in a new light. Try to clean it up as much as possible and make all the cosmetic repairs you can. You will want to supplement the property’s potential to assist people in seeing beyond its flaws.

Know the Value

You may think your house is worth a certain amount, but you need to factor in the necessary repairs and upgrade it requires. The actual value of your property might be a lot less than you had originally thought. Be realistic about what your house is worth in the condition it is in. Don’t expect to get retail prices for a house that needs repairs.

Find the Right Buyers

Who typically purchases distressed properties?  Be sure to market to investors and other purchasers who would have an interest in your house. It may help to join some local real estate or investment groups in your area to really get the word out.

Disclose Everything

You need to be upfront with all that needs to be done to the property, no matter what is wrong with it. By not informing potential buyers know about property defects, you could be setting yourself for a lawsuit down the road. It is always important to be ethical. There is a buyer out there for your house, and you will find him or her!

Do Paperwork Correctly

If you sell the house on your own, you are responsible for completing all the proper paperwork. You must provide disclosure documents and create a contract. Everything needs to be legal and by the books as to protect yourself. When in doubt, contact a lawyer. When you work with us, we handle all the paperwork, so you will have one less thing to worry about.

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