Why is Selling Land Different Than Selling A Tucson House

Selling Land in TucsonSelling plots of land is very different than selling a home. There significant differences you need to be cognizant of before putting it up for sale.

Do you have land you want to sell in the Tucson area? If so, it is a good idea to get a strategy ready to help you sell. The approach is rather different than selling a house. You truly need to convey the potential the lot holds. Of course, this occurs with households too, but with land, individuals need use their imaginations. Investors want to see the potential and value of the property over time.

Different Marketing Strategies for Land

You want to have signs on the property that detail the specs of the lot. Make sure to include the size, zoning and your contact information. Think about how people will be driving by when they see your sign; You will want to grab their attention without being too distracting. Keep it short and sweet. Don’t put too much information otherwise, your number may be overlooked. Use contrasting colors that won’t fade too badly in the sun (those signs might be out there for a while).

Build online presence for your lot using online listings and social media. You may need to spend some money to have your property featured, otherwise it might get overlooked with all the other lots that are currently for sale.

Even though it is just land, you will want to showcase it at its best. Prep the lot by cleaning it as necessary. You should remove any trash, debris or structural remnants that might still be on the land. Consider having professional photos taken to make the property stand out from other active land listings.

Fewer Potential Buyers

The market for land is unlike the market for houses. The matter of fact is you will not come across as many persons looking for land as you will find searching for a house. This means getting your lot in front of the right people at the right time is important. A clever marketing strategy will make the location of your property stand out.

  • What makes it so different from the property down the street?
  • What makes your lot better than the rest?
  • Are there any projects in the area that will appreciate the location?


Remember your buyers and what they want. Land purchasers look for location, build-ability, and future area development. Make sure to highlight these aspects and be well versed for future building plans in the area. These may be big selling points for your property.

Work with Professional Buyers

Working with a professional real estate buying service will save you time and money. You won’t need to market, pay for online listings, hire an agent or even pay commissions. You don’t even need to wait around until a buyer is found. If you want to sell to reinvest in something else or to get cash for your land quickly, working with a professional buying service is the way to go. Ugly Man Buys Houses is a team of professional land buyers who know the ins and outs of land sales in Tucson. We will work with you to pay you a fair price for your land, making sure you receive a smooth and simple transaction.

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